An extract from my PhD dissertation. Taken from chapter two, Vantage Point and the Picturesque Gaze, I argue that a subject/object dynamic is at the heart of the Picturesque effect, and that within this exists a Picturesque Other that is locatable in present day photography.
An essay accompanying the series And Then There Were None, which appeared in issue one of Entitle Magazine.
A book published in 2017 providing an overview of some of my earlier projects. The 58 pages are mainly image-based but the book contains three essays, one by John Taylor and two that I have written to contextualise the work.
During the
A curation project working with the idea that, when engaging with landscape or place, the artist/photographer often seeks to make manifest something that is elusive, overlooked or invisible.
An essay published in issue 88 of Esse Magazine. The whole issue was dedicated to the theme of landscape..
An article relating to the exhibition In Search of Something, which appeared in the Hastings Independent, October 2018. The exhibition was a curation project I undertook for Brighton Photo Fringe 2018 and also formed part of the Photo Hastings programme for that year.